3914 Brookridge Dr
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Invoice Number INV-0018
Invoice Date February 10, 2023
Total Due $381.60
Wanna Play Paintball

Page loads slowly

Email is full of spam


Framing of pages when loaded (header cuts top of page off)


Home Page - under paintball super store (25 years in business)

                      Delete link to Snap 21 reviews

                      At the bottom of the page in the yellow square (Delete Park Hours and Fall Hours)


Park page - Pics for fields repaired


Pro Shop page - Change link from "online store" to "Ebay Store"


FAQ Page - (Age) Change to read 7 years old for Low Impact Paintball and 10 years old for .68 caliber

                    (Reservations) A reservation is required for every "Private Party" A non-refundable deposit will secure your date and time. 

                                            A reservation is not required for "Walk-On Play" it is simply on a first come first serve basis

                    (Waiver) update to new waiver which is attached 


Pricing Page - (Low Impact) Change verbage from "slow Speed" to "Low Velocity"

                       (Small Group) under party add ons - Delete Food and Goodie bags

                                                                                  Add "Bag of 500 paintballs - $15.00"

                                                                                         " Case of 2000 paintballs - $55.00" 

                        (Large Group) same changes as small group pricing


Wanna-Play Page - Update Waiver 

                                Player Prep sheet - Delete Drinks and snacks available

                                                                Get rid of second blank page


Rules and Safety Page - Update Waiver link


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
9 Labor

Labor - reduced to $40 hr reflected in discount area.

Sub Total $585.00
Tax $21.60
Discount -$225.00
Total Due $381.60