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Invoice Number INV-0017
Invoice Date February 10, 2023
Total Due $68.90
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Client stated had laptop with another company. when the client got it back the computer no longer worked as it did before.

Client stated previous company tried to update Windows but failed to complete it. diagnostics of the drive show no operating system available for boot.

Spoke with Client, asked if he wanted to try to load windows on the drive since it looks like it had been completely wiped. Client gave the Ok. Upon trying to load windows 10 professional, It showed no available drives. It is believed that the the hard drive in the computer has been damaged by the previous company during the upgrade of windows due to either a power failure or corrupted system image prior to Dezvinci Designs attempting to repair/reload Windows 10. Spoke with client that a replacement hard drive or new laptop would be the way to move forward.


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1 Labor

Labor - 1 hr at standard rate.

Sub Total $65.00
Tax $3.90
Total Due $68.90