3914 Brookridge Dr
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Invoice Number INV-0020
Invoice Date February 21, 2023
Total Due $975.20
MKUP Beauty Studio

46 South Duke Street
York, PA 17401


Combining invoice 16(previous invoice) which was 10 hours of labor for the following below. With the current invoice of 10 hours + form creations & instagram feed plugin.

Previous invoice changes.

Please REMOVE the LANCASTER phone # off the website. I have set up a grasshopper account/ Phone service to funnel and direct our clients. The only number that should be listed for clients to call is 717-900-8096. Clients will have a system to select for based on their needs.

Please update the travel to what is below on the current website. I have added the link to the current website page. The way it currently reads is confusing and doesn’t match the current Bridal PDF or Contract 

Please place the 2022 Wedding Pro Badge on the current website.

Below you will find all of the border options. They can be in any color I just chose black to go with the color scheme. Let me know which one you prefer and we can make the changes. Id say depending on which selection you like I’d estimate no more than an 2 hours to change it across the entire site.

Plugin updates  

Remove Booking for Lancaster and update book York to book services and push link to blends new square booking.

Remove down the isle.

Change wording -

Remove address for Lancaster.

Shop to go to blend instead of MKUP.

Change "Beauty" to Hair & Make up

Studio services - to services.

Remove Weddings Q&A

About us page of MKUP- use new Bio emailed to you with blend intro notes


Colorful Team shot in one drive

Change headshot photo of Maggie into a B&W make smaller, a cute not in the handwritten font XO, Maggie and Team MKUP


Our focus box font needs to be thicker font- you can use a Yellow color box on this page ( pull colors out of the team shot)


Weddings page - don’t do anything here yet really until we talk it out

Bold - where you going gorgeous.

Space out the font.

Remove weddings  -

Remove Weddings Q/A

Bolder font for Ourfocus.

Add XOXO - Team MKUP


It does need an updated photo- in color use the groups shot at the excelsior with the champagne line up including guy or the shutter stock image with 2 woman and the one is in a pink shirt


Feel like we can simply say looking to book your wedding day with MKUP? Please inquire here for availably, pricing and contract terms. We aim to make our booking process as seamless as possible.


Since we are working on taking all future wedding bookings on Dubsado I feel like you and I should talk about what stays/ needs to even be  visible on this page. I would like for clients/ inquire's to simply contact us for all information through our Dubsado link button. since all of these forms will be there and the current contract/ pricing. We do not need them in 2 different places. Also, our process will be in a Dubsado form we can copy/ paste into this page.

In the our process part of the page- update the background image to a solid color our pixelate they image so you cannot tell its a table. You could also maybe try the foundation swatches here?

Under The weddings tab- the bridal contract can go- I really think we need to simplify this site since Dubsado will send ALL information to any wedding inquiry.


New Invoice changes-

change opener


At MKUP, we do luxury bridal hair and makeup. Wherever you want it

Follow us on the gram - make button turn pink on hover (text).

Our process flow colored and dynamic.

our process re write.

Remove "Blend Opener"

add dubsado links to buttons.

change buttons to Blend + Down the isle + Collabs make hover over pink to uniform to website

put information below buttons to show what buttons are for.

build collabs page

build collabs intake form with conditional logic. and email notifications.

Add reviews to main page. move 'our process" to Weddings.

remove weddings pricing from directly on the website.

recreate PDF to better reflect pricing and uniform to webpage.

add color to "About us" page to uniform to website flow

change wording on weddings page opener

add instagram feed plugin and configuration to the weddings page.

verify text uniformity and "Magazine styling"

various changed post launch -

Yellow square to black to transparent. under about.

page created for dubsado embed for collab form so client doesnt leave mkup site to fill out dubsado form.

page created for dubsado embed for wedding quote so client doesnt leave mkup site to fill out form


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
20 Labor

Friends and Family

1 Instagram feed pro plugin

Instagram feed pro plugin renews yearly $125.00 Feb 20, 2024

1 Form creation development

this is for the collabs form that was created for inquiries outside of the dubsado form.

Sub Total $920.00
Tax $55.20
Total Due $975.20